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'United by a love of Music, Performance and Faith'

Manchester Inspirational Voices remains a vital and vibrant fixture after 14 years as one of the most popular community gospel choirs in the UK's North West Region. The choir delivers 3 annual concerts and consistently perform songs that are refreshing, timeless and reflective.

Our album "Give Us Peace" - has arrived...
The choir's debut album will soon be available to download from iTunes and other stream platforms. A limited number of CD copies are available to purchase from the email link below, so place your order NOW. In the meantime if you want further information you may contact the same email here:

Give Us Peace Album

Give Us Peace ...
In a time of loss, vulnerability and uncertainty, I wish to share a message that I hope will bring a sense of calm, mindfulness, consideration and love for each other. So may I encourage you to take a moment to be still for 5 minutes to listen to this song and then reflect on gratitude.
Peace & Blessings, Wayne Ellington

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BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year 2016/17
We're so honored to have been named Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the year. We had a fabulous time meeting the with other choirs from all around the UK, sharing our love of gospel music and singing. After our experience we would strongly encourage any gospel choir to take part in this fun, exciting and supportive event.

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Manchester Inspirational Voices is home to people who feel free to express themselves after a long day and making the weekly rehearsal space a 'stress free zone'. They come expecting a charismatic and enthusiastic rehearsal and contribute to the safe space for those soloist who volunteer for lead roles. This friendly atmosphere sets the right scene for the choirs' uplifting and moving performances.

We welcome you to join us at any time, without auditions. As you browse through the pages we hope you will get a good feel of what we are about, our aims and what we love to do...