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About Us


Music without barriers. United by a love of music, performance and faith, Manchester Inspirational Voices has become one of the most well-known and highly acclaimed community Gospel choirs in the UK.

Since its conception in 2006, founder Wayne Ellington has guided the choir on a journey that has seen them change lives, warm hearts and spread messages of hope and positivity throughout communities in Greater Manchester and beyond. The role of the choir is just as poignant in our society now as it ever has been.

The community choir provides a haven for all, a ‘stress free’ zone where its members can lose themselves in the moment and the music, and then find themselves again surrounded by the safe support of the community and the enduring love of friendship.

M.I.V. opens its arms to members and spreads a message of hope and faith to listeners both old and young, in places both near and far.

The group have carved out a reputation for themselves as The North West Premier Community Choir (U.K.), with their unique sound helping them reach the final of BBC Songs of Praise Gospel Choir of the Year 2016.

They had a lot of fun on the road to that success and are looking forward to what the next decade holds.

Director Wayne Ellington’s appreciation of the careful alignment between mindfulness, the body and soul and ultimately the voices that we project, means that the choir are inspired to express themselves with liberation, enthusiasm and above all, happiness.

Whilst the concerts allow the choir to share their sounds with a wider audience, the process is just as vital as the end product, if not more so.

The power of community is a force to be reckoned with. The power of song is incredibly strong.

The beauty of the choir is that those two very strong elements, community and song, are united as one.

And strength united, is stronger.