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Choir Members Testimonials

I found the choir through searching online for choirs in Manchester. From the moment I stepped through the doors I felt like I had come home.
What do I think of the choir! They are brilliant beautiful people who come together on a Tuesday night to create musical magic. I think we harness the power of positivity.
The choir has had a huge impact on my life. It has kept me sane through some difficult times and provides the best stress relief in the Northwest.
The Easter concert at St Philip’s Church was a special moment for me. Seeing a man in the audience brought to tears during ‘Total praise’ still gives me goose bumps! Louise Inglis

I found the choir doing a web search for choirs in Manchester. The choir are the friendliest group of people you could meet and the music is really uplifting especially after a hard days work. Perveen Niaz

I heard about the choir through a choir member who invited me to one of the concerts, which I LOVED! I think the choir is awesome. Whatever kind of day I’ve had, I know come Tuesday evening I’m going to be on a high after singing groovy songs. Wayne is an excellent teacher and director and gets the best out of us all. A definite highlight was switching on the Christmas lights, 2008, with the choir – an amazing experience! Naomi Jackson

I heard about this choir just by searching for gospel choirs in Manchester on the internet, it was the first choir to pop up so I checked out the website (which told me everything I needed to know) and went along to the next practice.
I have not joined no other choir or even group activity like this one before! The organisation is great and Wayne is so energetic and inspiring. Everyone is so welcoming, and that is the best thing that everyone is welcomed! Each practice session is so uplifting and inspiring you just know that everyone will come out feeling great despite how they went in feeling! Having the regular concerts is great too, as it really gives us something to work towards and you get such a sense of achievement and community from participating! Choir makes me feel like I am an important part of a great community. Charlotte Humphrey

This choir has really impacted my life here in Manchester. I moved here in October 2009 and joined the choir in January 2010. It has been a great place to meet new people, and find out about other music events and vocal courses going on. I look forward to coming to choir every week because I know I will feel great afterwards! It is good to meet up with my new friends every week! Choir Member

I heard about the choir at a live music event in the city centre, I was invited to come along by a member. The choir has been such a blessing in my life. It's one of the best things that has happened to me. Since joining the choir I have grown so much, musically, spiritually and personally. the choir has a massively impacted my life. Gospel music is so uplifting and to be surrounded by such beautiful, warm, talented people is something I can never give enough thanks for. Every Tuesday night rehearsal is a bright moment for me. Even after a long day I can’t smile wide enough. I must admit there have been moments in rehearsal where I have had to pull myself together to stop myself from crying with joy. Just beautiful. Thank you! JP Cooper

I first heard about the choir from a friend and then attended the choir's Christmas concert of 2009 which was excellent.
I feel that through the songs that we sing the message of Christ is proclaimed in a great way.
Being a part of this choir has impacted my life by allowing me to meet people from all walks of life, it has enabled me to develop my gift of singing and it has also opened other doors of opportunity.
Wayne runs the 'Vocal Development Programme', a 10 week course that is separate to choir, but we get first refusal. I found this to be challenging but very good and I am looking forward to many more special moments with this choir. Claudette Paul

I have a chronic medical condition that is stress triggered but since I have been coming to choir I have been in remission! I really believe the happiness I get from singing in the choir has helped me to heal!
My first ever session was the best! I couldn’t believe that a choir like this existed. Wayne's energy and voice and the sound we all produced was just so amazing. I think I was smiling all week long after that! Ah, I love choir! Choir Member

I heard about the choir through a friend and came despite being completely unfamiliar with Gospel music. It’s warm and accessible atmosphere was evident right from the start. I still look forward to rehearsal each week for the opportunity to make great music with great people and praise God in such a vibrant way. The choir has impacted my spiritual development hugely and continues to do so. The summer 2008 performance at the Lowry Theatre was a particular highlight! Tobie Wharton