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MIV as (MSOC) at RNCM 2011

The Mayoress had her feet stamping and hands clapping at Manchester Sing Out Choir's second concert of the year 2011 at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

Manchester Sing Out Choir (MSOC) gave yet another outstanding performance at RNCM Manchester. Their host Clive Palmer from Birmingham warmed the audience with his comedy entrance, getting them ready to enjoy a great family night out.

Aaron T. Aaron (guest artist) opened the concert with exciting songs from his Album. The audience were brilliantly responsive to his African style of gospel music as they were up on their feet within seconds.

MSOC Entered the stage in style with their opening number 'God Great God' by Kurt Carr. They sounded and looked GREAT! filled with excitement with a sound that transcended into the atmosphere.

One of the choir members Ellie Pollard gave a moving tribute to her mother who is suffering from ovarian cancer and opened the tribute to those in the audience who was able to share the sentiments. Ellie also shared her experience of the choir and claimed them as her extended family. She expressed how her life significantly changed since joining MSOC only a few months ago. The 67 choir members welcomed her heart-felt words as they performed the a cappella tribute hymn 'How Great Thou Art' by 'Gustaf Boberg 1859-1940' and beautifully arranged by MSOC choir director Wayne Ellington.

Manchester Mayoress addressed the audience about how delighted she was to be invited to the concert and to see such a diverse amount of people in the choir that represents the the City of Manchester and it's Greater Counties. Her worship could not wait to get back to her seat for more feet stamping and hands tapping.

The audience left the auditorium in great spirit singing MSOC's last uplifting song for the night 'I will Sing Praises' by US artist Richard Smallwood.