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Gospel Music Workshops

Wayne Ellington M.I.V (formerly msoc) Choir Director has been singing and leading Gospel Music Workshops for 25+ years in Schools, Universities and corporate organisations around the UK, Europe and internationally.
His experience in teaching has led him to work with groups of all ages, size and even multi-lingual groups.

Wayne has a great way of guiding people through songs and helping them to feel confident, safe and enthusiastic, especially after experiencing his spontaneous vocal harmony ideas which are phenomenal. This experience will leave you knowing how to sing well by effective breathing, finding your true sound and boosting your confidence.

Wayne is in high demand throughout the UK and Europe as his delivery is vibrant, creative and he empowers you to really sing out from the heart.

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Above: Wayne facilitates Gospel Choir Workshop in Novara, Italy.

Contact Wayne:

- LinkedIn: Wayne Ellington
- Facebook: Wayne Ellington
- Instagram: wayneellington7
- Twitter: @wayneellington7